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Webdesign Mistakes To Be Avoided

29 January 2016 by 147 comments Business 755 Views
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Website designing requires lot of creativity and following a set of predefined guidelines. The designer has to undergo a number of phases carefully as a single mistake can prove to be extremely costly at times.

Working under the pressure to address the expectations of their clients and designing the website for extremely impatient visitors can often be difficult for the designer to handle. Under these circumstances they are tend to make mistakes and often silly ones. You might have seen some errors that go live on the websites.

There is a list of mistakes that web designers often commit leading to some unexpected and dramatic results. What are those web design mistakes that every designer should avoid to deliver a neat and clean and user-friendly website?

Have a look:

Insufficient Collaboration with Client

Having an adequate and complete understanding of the client’s objective for developing website is of utmost importance. In the preliminary stage it is discussed with the client to understand his/her concept and what is expected from the website. Being a collaborative process it may loop in marketing team, content writer and developer. It’s time for the developer to discuss every point with every person involved to create robust and professional website. Committing the mistake of having insufficient discussion may result in disastrous outcome.

Unaware of Target Audience

Identifying target audience before creating the website is vital or else designing the right website as per expectations is next to impossible. Often designer avoid going so deep to understand this aspect. Conducting rigorous research work to define target audience is quite hectic and tiresome; hence it is often avoided by designers. But it is imperative, as when you know who the audience is you can strategize your work perfectly.

Winding Up Task in Hurry[b]

Completing the task quickly cannot yield desired results. When the designer is under pressure to complete the task in limited or no time, chances are the result will be error-riddled. Offer sufficient time to the designer to understand, plan and implement things required. Give sufficient time to your designer after duly considering the amount of time it may take to complete the project.
Losing Focus on Latest Trends
Engrossed with own work is good but not at the cost of not updating yourself with the latest developments in the field. It may often cost you dearly. Maintaining the creativeness, the designer also needs to update themselves with the latest technology developments in the market. The thumb rule is keeping abreast with the latest market trends and start thinking in harmony with it. The designer needs to stimulate the ideas in sync with the paradigm shifts. It is a great way to craft some user-friendly and trendy websites.

[b]Slow Page Loading Speed
In this fast-paced life users cannot wait few minutes to browse any website. It must load within seconds. Irrespective of the brilliant and highly functional design and useful information you are offering to your visitors, if the website takes time to load it cannot be successful. Designers must work in this direction to make it load within seconds.

Developing Websites for Search Engines
Although it is a fact that search engines crawl websites and improve its search ranking but it is humans who read it. Designing website keeping in view the search engines is fine but it should not be limited to search engines only. Make it 100% SEO friendly but without forgetting the users.

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